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Hey, if Prussia can smuggle his bird into school and get away with it, then you can bet your boots that Ned’s gonna bring his bun with him.

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#I love this painting because by delacroix's painting values he would absolutely recoil in his grave at the sight of this

Algerian Women (after Delacroix) ~ Pablo Picasso


Algerian Women (after Delacroix) Pablo Picasso

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Anonymous sent: Oh hey if you have thin hair then I doubly suggest getting it short because my hair is really thin and I don't do anything with it, which made it boring and kinda bleh when it was long, but since I've had it short it has been the fluffiest thing ever, and you wouldn't believe how soft it is (like holy crap that is nearly kitten fur status)

ah really ! ! I needed to hear this omg grazie bc my hair is sO thin and flat and I’ve never had a length that could be considered not long ;; I wanted a perm for a while to make it less flat but now I think short hair might give it that natural lift??

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Anonymous sent: I'm a guy who honestly prefers girls with short hair. It's not something I intentionally do, I just tend to have crushes on girls with shorter hair as opposed to longer. :P But as other anon says, fuck that. You should do something because you want to. Don't care about guys, because we're not the ones deciding on a hair cut. XD

Thanks I appreciate it !
I think being abroad in my favourite place has inspired me I’ve realised I need a change if I’m ever gonna reach that level of finding myself cute and being confident because unlike most people my age I have zero future direction atm so at least I can work on myself as a person. I need that before I care about how other people see me y’know?? and I do feel like I would suit short hair, I’m just a little apprehensive as I’ve never had it short ever ;;

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Anonymous sent: Please do the thing because 1. Screw everyone who uses boys as an excuse and 2. That sounds really hecking cute (but you'd have to post selfies okay, you'd have to)

omg. thank u thank u ! ! !
and yes I will selfie the results especially for u lovely ! !

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#I'm so jetlagged and tired
#that I just ramble ramble ramble
#and I might dye it a lil darker
#idk I just want a change :(((((



wanna cut my hair shoulder length and wear my new cats eye glasses fulltime like a rad new look but everyone i know is against it lol

If I was there, I’d help you cut your hair. I think that short hair is hot. I used to have short hair myself, and trust me, if you really want it, it is soooo worth it. And p.s. everyone who is against it doesn’t have to see you every morning in the mirror, so rock it! You will thank yourself.

2 tru!!!!! Thank u sincerely friend, this was very motivating and kind of you uvu
I think I want it like how vanessa hudgens has her length atm from her instagram?? u know like slightly above shoulders??? plus everyone does say to me like “what’s the point in u even having long hair you always wear it up” which is trUE and my hair is so flat and dragged down when long?? so maybe it’ll be wispy and cuter short omg sorry for rambling

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#sera speaks
#everyone is like -boys don't like short hair" ???
#but I don't like the boys here so???? ?? why should I please them
#Infact I could do with less unwanted attention from gross northern irish / british boys lmao

wanna cut my hair shoulder length and wear my new cats eye glasses fulltime like a rad new look but everyone i know is against it lol

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dream workspaces #109281


dream workspaces #109281

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